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Kelly Barnes, London

Signature, Northamptonshire

The Melodic Belles, Bedfordshire

The Jackpots, Leicestershire

New Frequencies, Essex

Hit-It, Buckinghamshire

The Dukes, London

Hypersonix, Northamptonshire

Bandit, Hertfordshire

Vocally Bespoke, London

William May, Warwickshire

The Duplicators, Hertfordshire

The Child, London

Mark Stevens, Nottinghamshire

Radio, West Midlands

Mathew Knight, Nottinghamshire

Lee Mathews, Oxfordshire

Beat Banditos, London

The Hamiltones, Nottinghamshire

Eddie Cullen- The Voice Of The Legends, London

Alex and Jacques, Oxfordshire

Alex Colman, Oxfordshire

Seven, London

The Fabulous Singing Waiters, London

After 8s, West Midlands